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Friday, October 01, 2004:

Hey all,
I have been working at Gibson/Tobias for a little over two months. I typically eat once a day now. Mainly because my wife, who is almost as good a cook as my mommy, is not there to make my lunch. So I eat when I get home then usually go to sleep about 9p.m. I remember weighting myself after Leslie and I went on our cruise(ALL YOU CAN EAT ICE CREAM). I was about 270lb on Aug. 14th. Last year, May I think, I was over 280 and couldn't breath very well and wanted to loose some weight. So I didn't eat for almost a month. Got down to 260 which I thought was great. Almost my pre-meeting Leslie weight. Well after watching "Super Size Me" I took a trip to the scale and I am freaked. 255! After I ate dinner. This moving around thing is really great. I hope this will continue at least to my pre-Little Rock weight. 220. When I moved in with Nathan and Jroo for a few months adjusting I was 235. Before that I stayed a moms for 6 weeks. Can you say potato chips in bed. EVERY DAMN NIGHT!! I LOVE my mommy! Anyway, it turns out that all I needed was a job with no lunchroom. I don't expect any progress from Nov. 27th to Jan. 3rd.

Daniel // 10:54 PM


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